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Benefits of Our Datacenter Migration Services

Migrating to the cloud can seem like a daunting task. That is where we come in.


Our Datacenter migration to cloud process uses a sequential approach, modern tools and
technology to simplify the journey, thereby minimizing risks, and saving you time and money.

Our experience includes migrating medium and large datacenters,
applications and workloads with zero application downtime and absolutely no business disruptions.


No surprises, More control, Always secure
Set the priority, Eliminate risk, Get the full picture
Expert advice, Futuristic tools, State-of-the-art processes

Minute management, Attention to detail, Minimal disruption

Our Results Prove It

40 %

Improvement in efficiency

45 %

Cost savings on cloud resources

99 %
Availability of the environment

The Datacenter Migration to Cloud Journey:

Our Datacenter Migration Services Include:

Migration Assessments 

Our assessment services for cloud migration provide the crucial guidance you need before the start of your journey. We help you set your migration priorities based on the business objectives that you would like to achieve. Using the discovery, mapping, evaluation stages, we help create a cloud migration plan.

Datacenter Migration

Our datacenter migration services set the pace for a quick, secure and smooth journey to the cloud. The expertise gained from hundreds of successful datacenter migrations translates into an organized approach using industry best practices, tools and technology. Using the “lift-and-shift” approach you gain a simplified and swift migration process that saves you time and money.
Infrastructure Migration
The migration of your existing infrastructure to the cloud requires an alignment of your cloud infrastructure with business needs, while reducing complexities and risks. Your infrastructure needs, including compute, storage, operations, device and network, are reliably and securely migrated by our cloud technology experts using automation tools and processes.

Workloads Migration

We assist you with the migration of your workloads from any source, without having to worry about the risk of downtime or costs, and help you swiftly realize the value from cloud. Our workload migration services utilize efficient tools and automation to simplify the process. You can reduce server downtime while enabling a secure transfer of workloads, either in groups or one at a time. Our single-pane-of-glass dashboard allows you to closely monitor your cloud journey.

Application Migration

You can choose to either refactor or rearchitect your existing applications before migrating to the cloud. If you need to use the existing code then refactoring is ideal as your application can be easily repackaged to work in the cloud with minimal changes to the application code. Alternately, if need a revision to incorporate new capabilities and optimize the application architecture for cloud then rearchitecting is the right choice.





Essential Steps for a  
Successful Move to the Cloud 

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